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WordPress Disrupts Itself

WordPress is a great platform… but the things that have really held it back in my mind are: The User Experience – Sure it’s better than Drupal out of the gate. Hell, out of the box even Excel is easier for a noob than Drupal… but WordPress’ UI is fully of clunky… issues. Things that you can’t fix… Read more »

WordPress owns the web

Sometimes it goes up and down through the course of a month, but it’s still a pretty fun milestone that we can now say about one in four websites are now powered by the scrappy open source underdog with its roots stretching all the way back to a single person in Corsica, France. We should… Read more »

Another prominent blogger turns off comments

What happens when a YouTube star who makes $4m a year in ad revenue turns off comments? It turns out a bunch of grumpy people complain, but he’s happier and still makes plenty of money. I’ve had a blog for almost a year now and comments have felt very “meh” to me. I’ve invested 5.5h in… Read more »

Buy a WordPress Theme, Get Hacked

Imagine this. You buy a theme for WordPress (as in pay money for it) and start finding ads on your website. Your first thought is you’ve been “hacked”, but maybe the theme you bought was “hacked” before you even bought it. Six Revisions has a story of someone who found themselves in this boat and highlights… Read more »

Make your WordPress Site run faster

Love this guy. A few months ago, I ran an experiment to see how much faster I could make one of my websites in less than two hours of work. After installing a handful of WordPress plugins and fixing a few simple errors, I had improved the website’s loading speed from 1.61 seconds to 583… Read more »

Last November I did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I started a blog. Here we are 7 months later and I’ve gotten quite a bit of positive feedback about it, but it’s also changed since it first started. When I started I didn’t know what I was going to write about so… Read more »

WordPress used by 74m sites!

I thought this number was interesting: Starting with just a simple line of code 11 years ago, WordPress has evolved to become the platform of more than 74 million websites. That’s a LOT of damn websites!

Don’t mistake hard problems for valuable problems

“People sometimes mistake hard problems (in the computer science sense) for valuable problems (in the business sense). Sometimes that venn diagram overlaps (like Google’s search algorithms). But there’s a number of cases where there’s a really valuable problem, but it’s not particularly hard on the technology side (AirBnB is an example of this).” – Ryan King… Read more »