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Wireframes done right, they might not be what you think they are…

Someone emailed me yesterday, and mentioned they were going to make “a” wireframe to figure out how their site/app would work. Here’s my response… Wireframe are about QUESTIONS not answers. You should check out the website “”. They have a free test every month that you can see. It’s amazing because such subtle changes can… Read more »

Learning About Web Development

Someone asked me today where they could “learn about our industry”… here was my answer: is a great resource  for intro materials. They have courses about everything from search engine optimization to Drupal and WordPress development and do a good job of covering the technical side of what we do. I tend to like quite a… Read more »

WordPress Disrupts Itself

WordPress is a great platform… but the things that have really held it back in my mind are: The User Experience – Sure it’s better than Drupal out of the gate. Hell, out of the box even Excel is easier for a noob than Drupal… but WordPress’ UI is fully of clunky… issues. Things that you can’t fix… Read more »

The importance of relationship in

If you just have a request for proposal where the client says we need X, Y, and Z, that really just gives you the shopping list… It’s sort of like saying, I need a pair of pants and a shirt. But then, where are you going to wear it, how much are you going to… Read more »