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What the heck is Meteor and why should you use it?

We’ve done a couple of cool projects in Meteor, but I’ve been pretty removed from the technical aspects of it. My trip to Italy has given me a chance to explore it a little and it’s pretty damn cool! What is Meteor? For Geeks For NonGeeks Meteor is a “full stack” JavaScript app platform built… Read more »

Why it’s important not to trivialize your amazingness

The behavioral economist Dan Ariely tells the story of a locksmith, who, as he got better at his work, started getting fewer tips, and more complaints about his prices. Each job took him so little time or effort that customers felt cheated—even though, pretty obviously, being super-fast is an asset in a locksmith, not a fault…. Read more »

The importance of relationship in

If you just have a request for proposal where the client says we need X, Y, and Z, that really just gives you the shopping list… It’s sort of like saying, I need a pair of pants and a shirt. But then, where are you going to wear it, how much are you going to… Read more »

Great List of Web Design Resources

Eval Zuri put together a great list on of web design blogs and resources. Other than forgetting to add JasonOnDesign to the list, it’s pretty darn solid and includes many of the sources I write for and follow on a regular basis for inspiration and news. I’m also happy to see that Ben and the… Read more »

If you’re feeling stress, it’s for one of these 5 reasons. And there’s a cure…

Just like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there’s good stress and bad stress. Not enough “good stress” in your life leads to feelings of inadequacy, depression, and hopelessness. Too much bad stress leads to… well feelings of inadequacy, depression, and hopelessness. There’s a writeup over at Business Insider about the 5 biggest things that stress people out… Read more »

Psychology Of Color To Improve Site Conversion

There has been a proven scientific connection between the color of products and the urge to purchase. Every time you see a color, there’s a chain of reactions taking place within the hypothalamus in your brain. Hormones are released to your thyroid, thus triggering emotions that affect your behavior. In fact, 62% to 90% of purchasing decisions is based… Read more »