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Awesome landing page for Apple’s new “learn to code” app…

“Parallax” scrolling (which often isn’t really parallax, but whatever) has been popular for a while. But the Swift Playground page from Apple is very slick. Subtle. Oh and it’s friggin awesome that they’re doing this. My 10-year-old just rushed through his chores so he could learn to code better using Hopscotch on his iPad. It’s good to… Read more »

Easy Powerful Layout Options With WordPress

Content editors come in many flavors, but regardless of if you’re a power-editor who’s on WordPress 8 hours a day, or a casual editor who just realized that a sidebar would make your site more powerful there are some great tools in WordPress which will help you make better content. The Winner: Page Builder Power: 10 out of… Read more »

Learning About Web Development

Someone asked me today where they could “learn about our industry”… here was my answer: is a great resource  for intro materials. They have courses about everything from search engine optimization to Drupal and WordPress development and do a good job of covering the technical side of what we do. I tend to like quite a… Read more »

Anticipatory Design: The Opportunities and Risks

Have you ever thought about how the web would look like if we could anticipate user needs? The idea to personalize user experience and serve different content to different people based on their interests has lately appeared in the discussions about web design. The new approach is called anticipatory design, or sometimes context design, and… Read more »

What would you do differently if you could identify when your web visitors get frustrated?

erratic, imprecise cursor movements signal that a user is feeling frustrated, angry, confused, and/or sad. In other words, they’re having an awful experience. These are some darn cool studies. I makes sense on so many levels, both the specific of what these studies identified, but also the idea that there are “tells” that web users… Read more »

WordPress Disrupts Itself

WordPress is a great platform… but the things that have really held it back in my mind are: The User Experience – Sure it’s better than Drupal out of the gate. Hell, out of the box even Excel is easier for a noob than Drupal… but WordPress’ UI is fully of clunky… issues. Things that you can’t fix… Read more »

You screwed up if…

I’m reminded of one of the (many) wise things Christine has said: If anyone ever asks the status of something you’re working on, you screwed up. That’s leadership/PM 101. If you find yourself thinking “I wish they’d stop asking, I already told them” you should change your thoughts to “OK, I didn’t communicate that well,… Read more »