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More E-commerce Data

OK. I might be going overboard. But to continue my e-commerce data report, I just wanted to point out these charts from Here’s a list of all sites in the top 2,000 which use Magento. Note that the most visited site is the 958th most visited site on the web according to Alexa (not perfect… Read more »

The “Monster” e-Commerce Platforms

So my post yesterday about High Traffic Websites sparked an interesting comment from Mike Phillips Interesting numbers and source site. I couldn’t drill into what the “other” category consisted of, but assuming the monster e-com platforms… ATG, Venda, Magento, WebSphere, Amazon-custom etc. Under the chart on this page BuiltWith shows the top few dozen CMS platforms:… Read more »

Building High Traffic Websites

What’s the best system to build your website on? Well of course “best” is subjective, but BuiltWith can tell you what other people think. It turns out that for high traffic sites, people use WordPress or Drupal. At the lower end WordPress has EVEN MORE of a lead and Joomla has a larger market share… Read more »

Chutzpa vs. Competence

Many people who apply/interview lack… well basic job skills. For example less than 10% send thank you emails when I say I received their material. Most barely prepare for an interview. Once in a while there are applicants who just put it out there. I love it when people follow-up and question my decisions and push… Read more »

Tips for Programming Mobile-Friendly Sites

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Adobe Edge Inspect. Here’s how it works: You install a plugin for Chrome You install the app on your mobile device (iPhone, Android, whatever) You pair up your computer to your phone(s) Now whenever you go to a page in Chrome, your phone goes to the same page. It’s… Read more »

End of Lorem Ipsum?

There was an article on web designer depot yesterday asking: Can we kill off Lorem Ipsum? For those of you that don’t know Lorem Ipsum is bogus text, almost like latin, that is used in design and technology mock-ups. Here’s a choice quote from the article: With this in mind, using Lorem Ipsum no longer… Read more »

Make Your Code Run Faster

As many of you know I just love it when things are more efficient. Here’s a couple of tips I came across this week that I wanted to share: Make your webpage scroll faster – Smart little tip. In layman’s terms when you scroll a web page your browser has to figure out what your mouse… Read more »

CSS tips

For web geeks, here’s a fun list of common CSS tips and hacks.