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Wired’s mobile experience

I actually think the mobile experience of Wired magazine is better than their desktop. It’s interesting to note though that it’s not just a CSS responsive site. For whatever reason (control, cost, infrastructure) I can’t just shrink my browser window to see what it looks like on the iPhone (which is the more common way… Read more »

Why do a Postmortem

John Allspaw says any ‘after-action’ or ‘postmortem’ document (in my domain of web operations and engineering) has two main goals: To provide an explanation of how an event happened, as the organization (including those closest to the work) best understands it. To produce artifacts (recommendations, remediations, etc.) aimed at both prevention and the improvement of detection and response approaches to aid… Read more »

The real problem with just making shit up

If you have experience and can reapply knowledge, you’re going to devise and follow a process/procedure based on your experience. OR you’re going to find someone with more relevant experience and get their help crafting the process/procedure. If you’re not following a procedure you’re making shit up. Making shit up is what you do when… Read more »

Running a Web Design Business

Corey shared with me this blog post by Brian over at DockYard. It’s some candid insight from the founder of 2-year-old web design company. I love his thought process and encourage anyone who’s interested in running a service business to give it a read. Here are the things that stood out to me, good and bad…. Read more »

Making Animated GIFs in OSX

Today I needed to make an animated GIF for an article about making websites fun my WordPress blog. Here’s how I did it: I opened Quicktime (it comes free with every Apple Computer) and selected New Screen Recording from the File menu. I then hit “record” and dragged the box to only record the part… Read more »

Making Websites Fun

I was playing around on the Snowbird site today. There are a lot of fun “reactions”. For instance when you roll over a news item on the bottom the rest of the image “flips” open, or if you roll over the weather report on the right more info “flips” out. It got me thinking because… Read more »

Baby’s First Wireframes

My daughter (age 8) got a new sketchbook for Xmas and she just came and shared with Christine what she drew. It’s her “website” and she sells backpacks and coats. You can choose the size for your backpack and the color of your coat. Christine couldn’t help sharing with me “baby’s first wireframe”. Barely a… Read more »

Beautiful Site About Why Sounds Are Different In Snow

Why do sound waves change when it’s snowing? Not only is this cool geeky knowledge, but this site is BEAUTIFUL. Nice subtle touches include: Large background image (always a win in my book) Strong, but subdued color palette All inline images are subtle animated gifs SUPER mobile-friendly (try it on your phone, you’ll love it) But… Read more »