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Student Project – Redesign Apple Music App

I really enjoy exploring these sorts of projects. Part of this make it clear it’s a student project (convoluting “brand” with “visual identity”) but mostly it’s very well done. Definitely something to be proud of. Most of these are simple changes but appropriate but the big thing he completely nails is fixing Apple’s convoluted search function:… Read more »

How to land a five-figure design/UX job

Louise Campbell wrote a great article titled “How I Landed My First 5-Figure UX Design Contract“, but it really could be “how to get a job”. Steps are simple: Find where you want to work (limit yourself to people who can pay you fairly) Use technology to stalk them. When they’re ready, jump on the… Read more »

Optimistic User Interfaces – When to use them

Smashing Magazine has a typically long (and slightly convoluted) article which talks about Optimistic User Interface Design. It can probably be nicely summarized in this: After the like button is clicked, Twitter instantly updates it to the success state visually. … the server request has been sent but is still in progress. The “likes” counter… Read more »

Anticipatory Design: The Opportunities and Risks

Have you ever thought about how the web would look like if we could anticipate user needs? The idea to personalize user experience and serve different content to different people based on their interests has lately appeared in the discussions about web design. The new approach is called anticipatory design, or sometimes context design, and… Read more »

Changing world: Corporate receipts for Uber higher than Taxis or Rental Cars

In the fourth quarter of 2015, expense management system provider Certify found that Uber made up 41% of all ground transportation receipts among Certify clients, while car rentals constituted 39%. The remaining 20% went to taxis. – Source: Fortune That’s big, right. I mean it’s like a 5-year old company that’s destroying (disrupting to use San… Read more »

The $300 Million Button

Mark Madison sent this over to me. It’s from 2009, but boy does it still apply! How Changing a Button Increased a Site’s Annual Revenues by $300 Million It’s hard to imagine a form that could be simpler: two fields, two buttons, and one link. Yet, it turns out this form was preventing customers from purchasing… Read more »

What would you do differently if you could identify when your web visitors get frustrated?

erratic, imprecise cursor movements signal that a user is feeling frustrated, angry, confused, and/or sad. In other words, they’re having an awful experience. These are some darn cool studies. I makes sense on so many levels, both the specific of what these studies identified, but also the idea that there are “tells” that web users… Read more »

Design is MORE than just how something looks

This rest area in Italy has to be one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen… but like many websites that are beautiful it’s not fully functional. Three examples: Faucets are labeled “automatic” but they’re not. You have to press them down and get about 2 seconds of water… probably the fastest turnoff I’ve ever… Read more »