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Student Project – Redesign Apple Music App

I really enjoy exploring these sorts of projects. Part of this make it clear it’s a student project (convoluting “brand” with “visual identity”) but mostly it’s very well done. Definitely something to be proud of. Most of these are simple changes but appropriate but the big thing he completely nails is fixing Apple’s convoluted search function:… Read more »

Design tips for the Apple Watch

Rene Ritchie has some great tips for designing for the Apple Watch including: 1. Keep it black The Apple Watch’s display is widely believed to be OLED. Unlike LCD, OLED is appreciably more energy efficient when displaying darker colors, especially black. Moreover, deep OLED blacks will better blend in with the watch’s black bezels, making… Read more »

Usability Testing Done Right – Words from the master Steve Krug

This weekend I had the luck to speak at a conference keynoted by Steve Krug (who wrote “Don’t Make Me Think”). I thought I’d share my observations here: We do lots of “unit tests” for usability, but could probably be better about doing more site-wide tests. For instance we often test navigation, messages, word choices, layout,… Read more »

Smart Scrolling Navigation

Boy do I hope this becomes standard for website navigation. Full navigation appears at top of desktop Scroll down and navigation scrolls off the screen Scroll back up and navigation pops back down instantly (not waiting until you’re at the top) Scroll down and navigation scrolls off the screen From a programming point of view… Read more »