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Test Driven Development

Writing code is hard. Sometimes we need to move fast but also scale. Other times, it’s wondering where to start when turning an idea into an app. And then there’s diving into rabbit holes and squashing bugs. It’s at moments like these that we turn to test-driven development. TDD, as it’s called, asks you to… Read more »

Testing responsive websites

Both Safari and Chrome have the ability to “spoof” the browser and emulate different devices. In Safari you must turn on developer tools in preferences and then you can select Develop Menu >Enter Responsive Design Mode. Google’s has also cleaned up their interface. To test mobile you go to developer tools (buried in the hamburg menu on… Read more »

You’ve fallen 99 times? You’re hired!

Who would you prefer to hire? Someone who has tried something 100 times and never failed or someone who’s tried 100 different things, failed 99 times, and only succeeded once. I hired someone specifically BECAUSE of their failed (non-internet, non-technology) business and what they learned from it when I asked about it. Apparently I’m not… Read more »

When to throw out best practices

The web has matured quite a bit in the past 20 years and one of the great things about a maturing technology is “best practices.” But when, and how, should you break those rules? When is the best practice just “following the crowd”? I remember 15 years ago having to spend a week and collaborate… Read more »

Testing websites with BrowserStack

BrowserStack is an easy way to test your website on all key browsers (IE8, Android, iPad, Windows 10, whatever). You actually work on your own virtual machines, which has pros and cons. The advantage is you’re working on an actual machine so if you see an error, it’s probably there. The disadvantage is that you’re screen-sharing… Read more »

If you think things won’t change, you’re wrong.

Quartz has an interesting article about the fact that market research can no longer predict the what your customers will want. Of course that’s a broad statement, but in most cases, your market is changing so fast that traditional product development cycles have to be shortened in order to remain competitive. No longer is brand… Read more »

Doing testing right

Here’s a great link that Rob shared around the office last week. It talks a bit about what makes a best test subject and what to look for. It’s targeted to making video games but I think the general lessons apply to any testing.