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Disrupting Health Care

Have you ever said “Our Health Care System is SO Screwed Up”? If so you’ll LOVE what TechSpring and Bay State Health is doing. My favorite quotes were from Joel Vengco (CIO of Bay State Health) Up till now medicine had been an art.  To get to science we need to use the data we’ve… Read more »

Wireless for your home or office (the future is Mesh)

I’ve got four different Apple Airport Base stations spread around the house. They’re all on the same channel and have the same name so my devices “jump” from one another *fairly* seamlessly. In addition 3 of them have speakers set up so I can hit play on my Mac and have music play from speakers in my… Read more »

There’s a reason Apple doesn’t give out “backdoors” to their devices

Remember when Apple was being unpatriotic for not building an insecure version of their software and giving the FBI backdoor access? Well in the past week Microsoft accidentally released their backdoor to the public (opps) and some Russian hackers published a list of “top-secret” NSA hacks. Does *anyone* really believe that if Apple gave the… Read more »

Control vs Resilience

The problem is that while the first round of control pays huge dividends, over time more control creates brittleness. – Seth Godin Control vs Resilience Resilience always wins over time. Monarchies aren’t resilient, democracies are. They are built to change. Blackberry and Palm focused on having a single, homogenous ecosystem, which Apple  built a company that… Read more »

Faster is Smarter

Running a business is like having kids. Momentum matters a lot. When I try to get my 4 kids out the door, speed is my best friend. The same applies to business. We can spend all day talking about how to run our business, or we can just do it. Find the biggest problem and change… Read more »

What’s in a CMS and how to choose?

Mark Madison asked me the following: 1. Why are you sold on Drupal as your CMS of choice? 2. Do you ever develop sites not in Drupal and not in any CMS? If so, how are those sites maintained? What might be the reason just to scratch bake. We’re probably about 60% Drupal. There are… Read more »

The Future of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, & Google

Awesome 15m video with some neat assessments of the future of these 4 big companies. Usually I make it around 2 minutes into something like this before giving up, but I actually watched it all. Scott Galloway does a great job of outlining the risks and business future. Obviously ANY of these companies can pivot,… Read more »

Microsoft lost relevance

Max (11) was telling me about a SuperBowl ad he saw about “a kid with cybernetic legs” and a tagline “Empowering us all“. Cool enough but then he said something that really got me thinking. XBox, empowering us all. Because to *him* XBox *is* Microsoft. We have Macs at home. I’ve only seen a Windows phone… Read more »