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What Defines Financial (or Health) Well-Being

Brant A. Cheikes at UMass shared CFPB’s definition of “Financial Well-Being”: Have control of day to day/month to month finances Have capacity to absorb financial shock After on track to meet your financial goals Have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow you to make the courses that allow you to enjoy life…. Read more »

Why Planning & Scheduling is so Important

If you’re the sort of person who resists planning, it’s probably holding you back… [Smart people] can get away with not planning for much longer than most… But as time demands increase — you get a new job, you’re short staffed, you get married or have kids, or your health changes — a life without planning or… Read more »

Data visualization at it’s best

Friggin awesome visualization about how we spend our time. Here’s a gif of an hour of the day (between 2 and 3PM) but if you click on it and go to the page you can watch a whole day unfold… First off from a data visualization/presentation point of view it’s amazing. But secondly, look at… Read more »

The value of R&D and Professional Development

I started in higher education but the longer I’ve been managing people the more I’ve seen that the more specific and ROI-driven professional development is, the more successful it is. I noticed this first in the late 90’s when I was teaching at Marlboro College. The students who learned the most and succeeded the most… Read more »

Why it’s important not to trivialize your amazingness

The behavioral economist Dan Ariely tells the story of a locksmith, who, as he got better at his work, started getting fewer tips, and more complaints about his prices. Each job took him so little time or effort that customers felt cheated—even though, pretty obviously, being super-fast is an asset in a locksmith, not a fault…. Read more »

If you’re feeling stress, it’s for one of these 5 reasons. And there’s a cure…

Just like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, there’s good stress and bad stress. Not enough “good stress” in your life leads to feelings of inadequacy, depression, and hopelessness. Too much bad stress leads to… well feelings of inadequacy, depression, and hopelessness. There’s a writeup over at Business Insider about the 5 biggest things that stress people out… Read more »