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We Documented Our Agency’s Mistakes Every Week for a Year. Here’s What We Learned.

Jeff Rutherford shared these with me: Every Friday, our team comes together for a weekly reflections meeting. It’s our “touchy-feely-kumbaya” moment where everyone has an opportunity to open up and share what’s on their mind. Primarily, we try to focus on three things: what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what we learned…. Read more »

Why do a Postmortem

John Allspaw says any ‘after-action’ or ‘postmortem’ document (in my domain of web operations and engineering) has two main goals: To provide an explanation of how an event happened, as the organization (including those closest to the work) best understands it. To produce artifacts (recommendations, remediations, etc.) aimed at both prevention and the improvement of detection and response approaches to aid… Read more »

Excuses and Revisiting the Past

Brad McCarthy’s “No Room for Excuses” blog post has been making the rounds lately. It has some great quotes like: The short story? I was probably really close to getting fired, and so I started searching for things to blame. I was grasping for excuses. and But then I realized that I was making excuses…. Read more »