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Management Review Tools from Google

My monthly check-ins at Gravity Switch always had 4 questions: What’s your favorite thing about your job? What’s your least favorite thing about your job? What’s one thing someone can do to make your experience better? What’s one thing YOU can do for someone else to make their experience better? They’re all pretty open-ended but… Read more »

How to not lose your job

Mary Beth Brown, asked Musk for a significant raise after she’d been working with him for 12 years. In response, Musk told Brown to take two weeks off, during which he would assume her responsibilities and see whether she was critical to his success. When Brown returned, Musk told her he didn’t need her anymore. –… Read more »

Systematic Shift: There are more touchscreen computer users in the world than keyboard/mouse computer users.

There’s a frequent debate about if an iPad (or any tablet) is a “desktop killer”. People (power users) often say “well I can’t use Photoshop on an iPad”. Or “I’m a video editor/programmer and need more processing power”. Or “I need three monitors”. Or “the accounting software that I use doesn’t run on tablets”. But… Read more »

The value of effiency

There was an interesting survey the other week which showed that Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs. Some people are skeptical of this data, but I’m not. Here’s why… Don’t get me wrong, this data might not be correct, but I’ve worked with a LOT of developers over the years… Read more »

How to land a five-figure design/UX job

Louise Campbell wrote a great article titled “How I Landed My First 5-Figure UX Design Contract“, but it really could be “how to get a job”. Steps are simple: Find where you want to work (limit yourself to people who can pay you fairly) Use technology to stalk them. When they’re ready, jump on the… Read more »

Apple only has 19 designers, Samsung has 1,600!

Coster, a core member of Apple’s design team for more than 20 years, is perhaps only the third member of Ive’s tight-knit industrial design group to leave in almost two decades. And one of the others died. The industrial design team is Apple’s idea factory, the place where big ideas take shape and morph into… Read more »

Making An Impression With Your Job Search

Followup is a dying art. 15 years ago, I got personal thank you letters all the time from people I interviewed or reached out to. Now no more than 10-20% of the people who apply or interview even bother to take the 2 minutes to send a “thank you email”. I know this goes both… Read more »

Reasons don’t matter, results do

According to [Stanford professor Bernard] Roth, we’d be happier and more successful if we stopped giving reasons for everything. In the book, he uses a personal example: Earlier in his career, he was consistently late for a particular board meeting. Each time he showed up tardy, he would explain that he got stuck in horrendous traffic…. Read more »