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Wireframes done right, they might not be what you think they are…

Someone emailed me yesterday, and mentioned they were going to make “a” wireframe to figure out how their site/app would work. Here’s my response… Wireframe are about QUESTIONS not answers. You should check out the website “”. They have a free test every month that you can see. It’s amazing because such subtle changes can… Read more »

It’s not your client… it’s you.

The client was old school. She said she didn’t like it and kept focusing on details. Some people might consider this a sign of a bad client, but I see it as a sign of a bad designer or creative lead (or a bad design process maybe?). OK here’s the deal. If a client doesn’t “like” a… Read more »

The Difference Good Design Makes

Yesterday I was in the office and saw a slide Andrew was working on. It wasn’t a masterpiece, just a closing slide for a talk… BUT it’s really eye-catching. That’s what a professional design is all about. Every experience crafted. (PS: Ironically I should probably apologize for my photo being out of focus).

Best Infographic Inspiration

Check out the “100 Best Infographics of the Last Decade” over at The Visual News, which includes lots of award-winning infographic examples.  I’m always a little torn on the value of visual gimmicks in infographics. On one hand if you have an infographic about David Bowe, you might as well make it look like him, on… Read more »

Spinning logos dipped in paint

Love these logos by manuel mittelpunkt and matthias grund that were featured over at DesignBoom. Paint + Spin + High Speed Camera = cool! 

Why that text looks odd – Kerning for beginners

Great overview of kerning for beginning graphic designers and a good reminder of the importance of picking professional fonts. Professional fonts will handle a lot of this kerning for you. Sure if you’re designing a logo you’ll want to tweak these things by hand, but a good font will do you well for the bulk of your content…. Read more »

How to design a portfolio that packs a punch

I’ve said before: Art is about ego. Design is about intent. So, if you’re a designer who’s designing your portfolio… what do you want your audience to Know, Feel, & Do? Marc Anderson has some more specific tips about things he personally likes and dislikes when reviewing designers portfolios. Some are super specific pet peeves,… Read more »