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My 3 Most Important Time Management Tips

If you’re struggling to manage your time, here are some good rules to live by. Otherwise it might be a good refresher. The Association of Internet Research Specialists (AIRS) recently had an article on their top 3 tips for managing time well, which got me thinking about what my top 3 recommendations would be. Prioritization. AIRS’ hits… Read more »

Stress only happens because…

Stress only happens when you have unrealistic expectations or when you have an unknown within a fixed budget/timeline. Ways to remove stress: Say no Prioritize and let some things go Hand off things, even if they only get done 80% as well (what things are OK for this?) Go home on time more often, even… Read more »

How to kick procrastination

So a good friend of mine just asked me how I find time to get stuff done. Interestingly when he messaged me that I was in the middle of doing 3 different things I wasn’t finishing (which is a complete waste of time) so I focused and finished one before starting another. Then as I… Read more »

Collecting Cool Stuff

In my day to day I come across lots of cool things that I want to save and/or share. But I don’t have a unified way to collect which means I default to email. Here’s the deal: I find a lot of cool things using my RSS reader (Reeder 2.0, 3.0 has “issues”). It allows… Read more »