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How to not lose your job

Mary Beth Brown, asked Musk for a significant raise after she’d been working with him for 12 years. In response, Musk told Brown to take two weeks off, during which he would assume her responsibilities and see whether she was critical to his success. When Brown returned, Musk told her he didn’t need her anymore. –… Read more »

Sad Day

Ben just gave his notice today. He’s gotten an offer to teach in an intercity school in New Orleans, and it’s something he has to do. One of the best things about my job is I get to meet, hire and work with some really great people (like Ben). One of the worse things is… Read more »

What the first week looks like for a new hire

What do I expect in the first day/week/month when I hire people. As I’ve said before dummies don’t get through the 15-minute interview. So we’re looking for fit. And fit is usually pretty easy to spot. Day 1 I make someone an offer that day if one of the following things happen AND I’m sure we’ll… Read more »