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Test Driven Development

Writing code is hard. Sometimes we need to move fast but also scale. Other times, it’s wondering where to start when turning an idea into an app. And then there’s diving into rabbit holes and squashing bugs. It’s at moments like these that we turn to test-driven development. TDD, as it’s called, asks you to… Read more »

Funny overview of the inconsistencies of CSS

That’s right, CSS will blatantly ignore the stated order of your HTML elements and just do whatever the heck it wants. Or, as the CSS spec states: […] CSS cares nothing for your whims. Nothing for your dreams. Nothing for your foolish allocations of space and time and meaning. To discover CSS is to discover a… Read more »

Signs of a “mature” technology

When a technology is new, we have to figure out everything. A “mature” technology means there are best practices/systems/libraries that mean we can make a LOT of headway with little work or thought. Sure there are cases where people can innovate. For example, the touch screen on the Microsoft Surface is an example of a… Read more »

Don’t mistake hard problems for valuable problems

“People sometimes mistake hard problems (in the computer science sense) for valuable problems (in the business sense). Sometimes that venn diagram overlaps (like Google’s search algorithms). But there’s a number of cases where there’s a really valuable problem, but it’s not particularly hard on the technology side (AirBnB is an example of this).” – Ryan King… Read more »