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News Roundup: Mind-reading Computers. Apple’s Surprisingly Awesome Next Big Thing.

  Here’s a roundup of some cool/smart news from the past couple of weeks: Apple is betting on Augmented Reality (Pokemon Go) I’ve been super skeptical of Augmented Reality (AR)… but Apple has released some amazing tools to developers which put it two years ahead of it’s competitors on this front and there’s some HUGE… Read more »

Tools for the Blind – new tools from Microsoft

Wow! I’m amazed by many of the advancements for people with disabilities that Apple has come out with, and this new app from Microsoft is even more amazing! So powerful and empowering. Check out the video below to see some of the things that are not only possible but literally “at someone’s fingertips”. BONUS: Because… Read more »

So *why* do I use a Mac?

People have asked me why I use a Mac. I’m not looking to get into a war and usually I stay low key and just say “Sorry, it’s true I work in technology, but I use a Mac so I don’t know what to do about viruses”… but today I opened a Word file and… Read more »

Automation on the iPhone

The app WorkFlow is a collection of hacks and automations on top of iOS… meaning it’s a bunch of power-tools for geeks. I used it to “create” an app on my home screen which plays a specific song, but you can use it to “build” an app which takes a dozen pictures and turns them… Read more »

There’s a reason Apple doesn’t give out “backdoors” to their devices

Remember when Apple was being unpatriotic for not building an insecure version of their software and giving the FBI backdoor access? Well in the past week Microsoft accidentally released their backdoor to the public (opps) and some Russian hackers published a list of “top-secret” NSA hacks. Does *anyone* really believe that if Apple gave the… Read more »

Impressive HR program

Apple puts a lot of effort into fairness and equality. They readily admit they have a long ways to go but one thing that’s pretty exciting to me is this: Pay equity at Apple. Equal work deserves equal pay. This past year, we looked at the total compensation for U.S. employees and closed the gaps… Read more »

Apple only has 19 designers, Samsung has 1,600!

Coster, a core member of Apple’s design team for more than 20 years, is perhaps only the third member of Ive’s tight-knit industrial design group to leave in almost two decades. And one of the others died. The industrial design team is Apple’s idea factory, the place where big ideas take shape and morph into… Read more »