What level HTML/CSS programmer are you?

Someone asked me the other day what “level” a developer was. I used this chart:

1) Made a basic site or page
2) Able to look at HTML and mostly know what it does and tweak it and cobble stuff together. Able to interact with WordPress or straight HTML/CSS pages. Adds code to fix problems.
3) Able to find workarounds for browser-specific issues most of the time. Fixes problems by removing code and simplifying.
4) Has their own internal checklist of “best practices”, and can articulate WHY they do certain things. Able to creatively solve problems on the fly. Can debug many problems without google. Changes their best practices based on new data.
5) Someone who has coded HTML/CSS 40 hour a week for years and years and years. Someone who’s up on the latest standards and can fix most browser issues without Googling

Where are you?