Get your Glasses Prescription Online! No Doctor Visit Needed

Yeah it doesn’t work.

A couple of people mentioned Opernative to me. It’s an online service which you can do from home to check your vision and it didn’t work for me. They did refund all my money and pay for the lenses that I bought which were the wrong prescription… so that’s something. I also want to mention, the way it works is pretty cool. You hold your phone and your phone gives you directions while you stand 10 feet from your computer monitor. But I may have messed it up. Every time except once it went “Cover left eye” “now cover right eye”… so it’s possible if I did it again I’d get a different prescription… but it was way off. The glasses are crazy strong. I ended up planning ahead and scheduling an appointment at Lens Crafters.

But I’d probably try it again in the future. It’s only $60. They refund your money. It saves me a trip. And I just went for the $26.38 glasses from Great Eye Glasses… since I wasn’t sure how the refund would work.