Student Project – Redesign Apple Music App

I really enjoy exploring these sorts of projects. Part of this make it clear it’s a student project (convoluting “brand” with “visual identity”) but mostly it’s very well done. Definitely something to be proud of. Most of these are simple changes but appropriate but the big thing he completely nails is fixing Apple’s convoluted search function:


The main problem with how Apple Music handles search right now is that it is based on a mode system: where you can either search in Apple Music or your library — but not both.

Two years into using this app, I still find myself getting frustrated at being in the wrong mode, especially since the Library mode handles keywords differently: This is especially annoying because there’s a high potential for input error, especially if the user is looking up a new song or artist not yet in their library.

My solution was to merge the two mods into one general “search” that displays results from the user’s library first, followed by anything else that is available on Apple Music.

Is it obvious that I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga?

If you find this interesting, please be sure to check out Jason Yuan’s complete article.