OTF – The “Best” Font Format for Modern Computers


My machine’s at the shop (under warrantee, but Apple has a 15-day return policy so I just bought a new machine which I’ll return when it gets back). This means I don’t have my fonts so I just downloaded font awesome to easily add icons to a presentation I’m putting together.

Installing fonts on Macintosh OS X machines is easy as pie (double-click on the font you want to install), but which one to install? Font awesome “helpfully” gives you 6 different font formats to chose from?

OTF Fonts

OTF is a more advanced/powerful version of TTF allowing all sorts of great font features. WOFF is a compressed version of OTF used for websites. WOFF2 is a new version of WOFF, which isn’t well supported as of early 2017. The others are fringe formats that are only used by people with very specific needs… if you don’t know what they mean, don’t use them… 🙂

For more details check out The Missing Guide to Font Formats: TTF, OTF, WOFF, EOT, & SVG by Creative Market…