WordPress Disrupts Itself

WordPress is a great platform… but the things that have really held it back in my mind are:

  • The User Experience – Sure it’s better than Drupal out of the gate. Hell, out of the box even Excel is easier for a noob than Drupal… but WordPress’ UI is fully of clunky… issues. Things that you can’t fix without hacking core, or working around it. It’s become a fairly standard workflow, but it’s also a crappy workflow that’s *barely* good enough.
  • Speed of Prototyping – Sure there are a lot of modules/plugins/extensions but if you just want to whip up a new “content type” (to use Drupal’s vernacular), you either have to use some damn clunky plugins, or hack a lot of things by hand.

But it looks like times are changing.

So we asked ourselves a big question. What would we build if we were starting from scratch today, knowing all we’ve learned over the past 13 years of building WordPress? At the beginning of last year, we decided to start experimenting and see.

It’s exciting and impressive to see an industry leader so willing to disrupt themselves.

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