Mac Coding Environments Coda vs. Sublime

So with my sabbatical in Italy with the wife and kids this year I’ve carved out a little time to learn Bootstrap and Meteor.

Both amazing platforms, but of course I had to figure out a dev environment. I started with Sublime, but shifted over to Coda after a while. Here’s how/why:

Sublime Text on Mac


Sublime Text Screen Setup


This setup worked *pretty well*. It did everything I needed it to do, but it took a while to set up my screen every time I went to use it. I use Better Touch Tool‘s snap features to help set things up quickly, but it’s still a little bit of a slog… and just as important as the time there’s sort of remembering how to set it up and getting all the links and the lost mind share that comes with setting it up.


Better Touch Tool example


Coda by Panic

I found Coda much easier to set up. I can get up and working in about 2m with limited setup, which is important because I only get about 5 hours a week of programming in and that time is fragmented into 30-120 minute chunks, so into a grove quickly is critical.

It’s goto bunch of quirks and has it’s own learning curve, but the concept of everything bundled into one actually works really well. I have a second monitor where I run tutorials, and put up everything I’m working on one screen.