How one of the top social media management apps lost half their social referral traffic in the past 12 months

I’ve been failing at social media marketing.

It feels weird admitting this, too: We as a Buffer marketing team—working on a product that helps people succeed on social media—have yet to figure out how to get things working on Facebook (especially), Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

And that’s super scary to admit.

A pretty frank admission by Kevan Lee over at Buffer… and despite the title of his article, he doesn’t actually know why/how he lost most of his traffic. He has lots of ideas and guesses, and promises to blog more about it, but he alludes to the “content shock” that Mark Scaefer talks about in his post about “Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy“.

Mark basically said that we now create more content than we can consume.

Another way to look at it is when you’re one of 10 people producing great content about any subject, it’s easy to be one of the top 10. When you’re one of 100, it’s a bit harder. When you’re one of 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000? It’s next to impossible.

Meaning the VALUE of good content (which has always been sketchy at best) will continue to plummet and the value of paid advertising will only increase.

We’ve had some success with clients doing content marketing, but most of our clients see a better return on investment (in terms of eyeballs and traffic) when they hire us to do good old-fashioned press releases (which is hard to do right, but can really pay off) or paid advertising (which isn’t cheep).