Speaking of color, and the importance of retail (or where Apple screwed up)

I had an interesting experience at an Apple Store and wanted to share it as a followup from my post early this week about the importance of color in design.

When I walked into the Apple store, I felt totally stressed out and overwhelmed and like there was no one there to help me. Usually when I get to an Apple store I feel well taken care of. Plenty of people to help, but not obtrusive… but the last couple of times I haven’t. And the reason is as simple as color.

blueshirtsColored shirts stand out.

When I walk into a store I see there are plenty of employees and even at a busy time busy I feel like I can find someone easily. The stores are wide open and easy to see and the ratio of “students to teachers” is always a good ratio.

But now, the shirts are grey, and honestly I can’t see shit. It looked more like this, and honestly it sort of sucked.


NOTE: This isn’t the store I visited, just a picture to show the vibe.



Don’t get me wrong. There were still plenty of knowledgable, helpful, employees (who spoke English which was good b/c I’m still in Italy and my Italian sucks…)

I know there’s a new more “casual” dress code at Apple, but it sucks for the customer. Remember color maters. It’s easy to spot.