iPhone Photography

Dan Rubin has a short video over at The Guardian about apps that help you take better pictures on your iPhone:


He talks pretty fast and there’s no list of links in the article but here are the ones that stood out.

Slow Shutter – OK I’ll admit it. This one wasn’t in the video, but the app he recommended for long exposure photos has only been on the market for a month or so and didn’t have a single review (positive or negative), while Slow Shutter Cam has 4.5 stars for this version out of 219 ratings (and 1654 ratings for all time)…


VSCOcam has two cool features. The first allows you to pick one point for focus and a DIFFERENT point of exposure. Again, not something you need all the time, but definitely useful at key times. The second feature I can’t find, but apparently hidden somewhere in the piles of buttons and cryptic interface is a level so if you’re taking a picture of a building (for example) you can make sure you’re holding your camera straight.


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