The real problem with just making shit up

If you have experience and can reapply knowledge, you’re going to devise and follow a process/procedure based on your experience. OR you’re going to find someone with more relevant experience and get their help crafting the process/procedure.

If you’re not following a procedure you’re making shit up.

Making shit up is what you do when you’re dumb and can’t reapply knowledge.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that.

BUT we can win, when we realize we’re making shit up.


Chip Kaye

Hmmmm.. that would seem then to preclude invention or creative problem solving. It seems to me that the synthesis isn’t just necessary at times, it’s essential to all progress, no?

Jason Mark

Which is essential to progress? Having a process or making shit up?
Most successful inventors, programmers, artists, writers, business owners, musicians, secretaries, etc. that I know reapply knowledge.
They have a process (which may or may not be documented) that they use to create art, start a business, answer the phone. If you ask them “Why did you do it that way” they have a reason. Sometimes it’s clear “Because my last business started that way”, other times it’s more vague “it just felt right”, but they have a process.
It’s the people who say “I did that because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do” that have trouble. The people who assume that someone else holds the process. The next steps.


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