An Introvert’s Taxi

So I’m psyched that we’ve been able to remain a one car family despite having 4 kids we have to shuttle places, but with Christine out of town helping her dad I’ve had to take some taxis to get kids places in this horrible weather. The problem with Taxis for introverts is it means *another* conversation with a person. Often the driver will ask all sorts of questions that require brainpower to answer. You know off the wall questions like:

  • Are you my fare?
  • Where ya’ going?
  • How’s it going?

Seriously though, it’s not the questions that are the problem, it’s the one more question. It’s the turning of a time that would normally be riding a bike or blasting music or otherwise vegging out into a social interaction, which takes a little bit out of the “interaction bank” for us introverts.

SIDE NOTE: You can tell if you’re an introvert or extrovert by answering the question: If you’re exhausted does talking to someone relax you or drain you?

Today I’m feeling sick. Sore throat. And would rather not talk to anyone. I mean I love my kids. I work with great people. The taxi driver I got yesterday REALLY is a nice guy. I just don’t want to talk to him, but I need to get kids to school/daycare.

I could just rent a car. They pick you up and everything. But it’s much more expensive ($60 vs. $12) and you still have to talk to someone while they drive you to get your car and then pick you up later.

Here’s what I dream of. I would love to be able to text someone or fill out a web form which remembers my contact info and have someone just drop off a car in my driveway and leave the keys and then pick it up when I’m done.

Minimal human contact. I call it an “introvert’s taxi”. Anyone else wish for this?


Mark Madison

So just so I have this right: social interaction in the real world is stressful, but social interaction in a virtual environment is relaxing?

Jason Mark

I don’t know about “relaxing”. Teaching is relaxing for me. As is blogging. But if I’m tired I don’t want to interact with someone on Facebook any more than in the real world… (again teaching is an exception for me).


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