Two Easy Ways to Watch the News

I use two tools to watch the news. Google Alerts let me type in anything (Jason Mark, Gravity Switch, Responsive Web Design) and will send me an email every day with any new content that Google finds with those keywords in them. Newsle is a *little* more obtrusive but also a bit more useful. You connect it to various social media accounts and it sends you an email whenever *someone you know* shows up in the news. There are false positives. The Michael Young I know isn’t a football player (I don’t think), but usually it’s pretty damn spot-on. Great way to keep up to date with your professional acquaintances latest happenings.

The only downside to these is when someone with the same name is super famous. Starting three days ago I started getting 20+ Google Alerts every day that look something like this:

Killings suspect escapes Columbia mental hospital
Deputies notified the public that Jason Mark Carter, 39, was unaccounted for. A representative for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health …


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